V e s s e l   V a r i a t i o n s
Sculpture by John C. Sewell
Feminine forms and abstract sculptures in bronze, wood, and stone.        
John C. Sewell

For over 30 years, John C. Sewell has pursued his career as a sculptor. Having college experience in mechanical engineering, and encouragement from teachers and others in visual arts, John combines varying degrees of representational and abstract interpretations in his sculpture in wood, metal, and stone to produce what he sees as a metaphorical embodiment of the feminine principle.

John’s current work has developed over time into what could be called two distinct groups. One being botanical forms combined into vessel themes, and the other is more completely involved with the human female form. Both exhibit femininity and grace.

John has received recognition for his efforts in the form of awards, publicity, and purchases of his work for public installation.

He currently has sculpture in the public collections of the Memphis Botanical Gardens in Memphis, Tennessee. Westin Gardens in Fort Worth, Texas. The City of Loveland, Colorado. And at the St. Louis University in St. Louis, Missouri.

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